What are the varieties of garden furniture

Teak garden furniture is not the only option for those that have a patio or garden and want to enjoy the outdoors perhaps with family and friends. There are different options available to those people who want cheaper furniture without compromising on the aesthetics.

The reason why teak patio furniture and a teak garden bench or teak garden benches are preferred, is that teak is a very durable wood. It contains silica naturally and due to the fact that it contains silica, there is resistance to decay and fungus. There are other advantages to teak as well. It resists warping, swelling as well as rot. It is resistant to not only chemicals but alkalis, acid and fire too.

teak patio furniture

Teak also has another distinct advantage. It gains a silver glow when it weathers. However, teak is extremely expensive and so the different options available are:

Aluminum furniture – this is not only lightweight but it is very easy to care for and has various colors and contemporary styles in which it comes in. It is scratch and weather resistant and is not vulnerable to rot or rust.

Wrought iron furniture – this is easy to fold and it can be welded easily as well. This does not rust easily and it also keeps it’s shape as well as color for a very long time.

Rattan and wicker furniture resists stretching and offers stability of color. It is also available in different thickness and even buyers have an option of treating steel frames and providing a protective cover.

Kwila furniture is preferred by those that want good staining and prefers wood to other materials.

Concrete furniture is furniture that lasts for a very long time however it cannot be ported and s it is porous, it needs to be sealed with concrete sealers.