Smoking Thrills But It Can Kill – The E-cigaret Makes the Difference

The world where life threatening disease like AIDS, Ebola, and tuberculosis have taken numerous lives – Cancer remains the most common deadly disease. Lung and mouth cancer, caused by smoking tobacco, have been responsible for taking millions of lives.

Modern world understands the danger associated with smoking tobacco and heavy smokers are consistently warned about the ill effects of smoking tobacco Rosklid e-juice. Smokers have started looking for alternatives that include nicotine gums, and electronic cigarettes that drastically reduce the risk of cancer.

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What is Vaping?

Vaping is one of the most common alternative to tobacco smoking.

It involves inhalation and exhalation of vapors through a device referred as electronic cigarette. The vapors are free from cancer causing tobacco, and provide the user an experience similar to that of smoking tobacco – Thus, reducing his/her urge to smoke regular cigarettes.

Shifting to the Ecigaret Land – Major Differences Between Traditional & E-Cigarettes


When it comes to regular tobacco cigarettes, users have limited options, but electronic cigarette smokers have the liberty of choosing from hundreds of flavors. Some of the popular flavors include strawberry, menthol, watermelon, chocolate etc.


The regular cigarettes have a terrible odor and the smell one of the reasons behind the unpleasant behavior of non-smokers towards smokers.  Whereas, the users of electronic cigarettes are free from the terrible odor, as they don’t inhale and exhale smoke, but vapors.

Pollution & Waste

Regular cigarettes involve combustion of solid tobacco and release harmful gases like carbon monoxide, tar and ash. However, the mechanism associated with electronic cigarettes involves heating of liquid and release of vapors. Thus, vaping doesn’t release harmful carbon monoxide and doesn’t require an ashtrays.


Regular cigarettes attract huge taxes and are expensive. However, In comparison to regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are reusable and are comparatively cheaper.